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Covid-19 Corona Virus Update

Due to the Covid-19 corona virus, classes are suspended at the school. The school will close it's current location, with the hope to take classes to online webinar format, and reassess when things have returned to some degree of normalcy.

Thanks for your understanding through this time, and I'll keep you updated via Facebook. Stay safe out there!

Photography class, editing with Adobe Lightroom
Photography class, editing with adobe Lightroom

Photo Editing With Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

What will I learn?
Who is this class for?
What gear do I need?
When should I take this class?
How long is this class?
Where is this class held?

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What will I learn?

In this 2 part class we'll set up the software, to organize efficiently in Part 1, and in Part 2 look at the powerful editing features. We'll also create presets to streamline the process, and look at some of the timesaving features Lightroom has to offer.

In this 2 part class you'll learn how to:

  • set up the software correctly, so it's simple to use.
  • back up to avoid digital disaster!
  • organize thousands of photos with ease.
  • edit one image in seconds, or hundreds more in a few clicks.
  • resize and watermark batches of images.
  • create presets to streamline the editing process.

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What is Lightroom?

Adobe made Photoshop, and it was great, but complicated and expensive. The process of organizing and editing lots of photos was a chore. So Adobe created Lightroom to improve workflow, the process of getting your images from your camera to the world!

The purpose of Lightroom is to save you time, and if used correctly it will. Repeativite tasks such as resizing, adding watermarks, or just removing a sensor dust spot can be done in a few clicks, to any number of images.

The learning curve is steep at first, so this class is designed to get you up it to a point you can play with the software and enjoy the process of editing your images.

Organizing can be combined with batch editing. So by the time you're done organizing, you're done editing too. Using the the techniques we cover in this class, I set a record for myself, and sorted and edited an entire 6 hour wedding, in 3 hours. That used to take me days!

Part 1 - Editing with Lightroom

Editing in Lightroom is achieved using simple sliders. Sliders combine to create complex edits, massively improving images. The average edit time is seconds for an image. Watch the "What Can Lightroom Do?" video to see, um...., what Lightroom can do! The edits for most of the images, were less than 30 seconds.

Lots of images need the same fix. In Lightroom you can take that fix and apply it to hundreds of others. It can be saved to reuse next time as a preset. You can save any number of presets, including converting to black and white.

Additional tools are available for pictures that need more detailed work, and the software is linked to Photoshop for images that need an evem more specific edit.

Part 2 - Organizing with Lightroom

Everyone loves editing, no one loves organizing. Or maybe that's just me! If you have boxes with labels neatly on your shelves, You're going to love Part 1! If you more of a, shove it in and slam the door person, there is hope! I freely admit I'm not the most organized person. But all my photos are neatly organized!

Images are stored by date, rated for quality, and organized with keywords. So in a few clicks, you can find your best images, on any subject in any time period.

Whether you're making year end calendars, or sharing your best images after a vacation, or even preparing a portfolio for your website, Lightroom take out all the heavy lifting, making even the least organized people (*cough me *cough) sensibly storing images that might be otherwise be lost.

What's a RAW file?

RAW is as it sounds, the raw data collected by the camera at the time you capture your photo. This data is usually discarded by the camera after it creates an image and stores it on the card. Saving the RAW data allows us to edit our images with more information. This give us better quality images. RAW is also uncompressed information, again leading to higher quality.

Jpeg is the typical image format, and required for display on the web. We'll create a preset to convert your RAW files to jpeg in a couple of clicks. During that process you can choose to resize or even add your logo or name as a watermark.

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Who is this class for?

Anyone who takes a lot of pictures! It's a must for any keen amateur to aspiring pros. Even if your computer skills are not great we'll go though step by step how to set up and use the essential parts of the software.

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What gear do I need?

A laptop, or dektop, with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC installed.

>>Be sure to install Lightroom Classic CC for this class<<, not Lightroom CC (confusing I know).

Adobe Lightroom Is Window and Mac compatible. A reasonably new computer is needed to run the software. Call Simon to discuss the requirements. If you know your computer's spec, you can also look at the Adobe website for the requirements.

Lightroom and Photoshop come together as part of the Photography Plan subscription through For $10 per month you get 2 copies of Lightroom, and 2 copies of Photoshop, so it can be shared with someone, or used on 2 computers.

And also be sure to get the Photography Plan for $10 a month that includes Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC and Photoshop. Call Simon with questions, or Adobe directly 800-915-9451 to purchase the photography plan by phone. You can take the class using the free trial.

Photoshop alone is hundreds of dollars, so I know, nobody wants another subscription, but the Photography Plan represents amazing value. When the next version is released, you just update, so you always have the latest version, and are not spending hundreds every time you upgrade.

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When should I take this class?

You can take this class alone and not take any others. However, it builds on the knowledge of the composition class. You can take this as your first or last class, if that suits you schedule better. The recommended order is Better Composition, Understanding Your DSLR, Editing with Lightroom, Extend Lightroom with Photoshop. Editing an image is based on the principles you'll learn in Better Composition.

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How Long is This Class?

This class is two sessions, each three hours long, both sessions are booked together. There is some variation in scheduling, for flexibility with everyone's varied schedules.

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Where is this class held?

This class is held at the Colorado Photography School's Downtown location.

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Editing Adobe Lightroom class example photograph Editing Adobe Lightroom class example photograph Editing Adobe Lightroom class example photograph Editing Adobe Lightroom class example photograph Editing Adobe Lightroom class example photograph Editing Adobe Lightroom class example photograph Editing Adobe Lightroom class example photograph Editing Adobe Lightroom class example photograph Editing Adobe Lightroom class example photograph
Editing Adobe Lightroom class example photograph
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