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Photography Lessons in Colorado Springs

Learn to photograph better pictures with Colorado Photography School. Composition and DSLR photography classes available. Improve your photographic skills and make more pleasing images.

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Photography Course in Colorado Springs

Are you looking for a Photography Course in Colorado Springs? Colorado Photography School has helped hundreds of people become better photographers. We offer beginning photography courses, intermediate photography workshops and advanced off camera lighting workshops. If you want to improve your snapshots to higher quality pictures, first improve your compositions in the Composition Workshop. Then understand your DSLR to use shutter speed and aperture to capture your creative vision. Classes are available to all levels from beginner to advanced, and any camera type from point and shoot to Digital SLR. I aim to develop your technical skills, improve the quality of your shots and develop your eye, without changing your creative style to mine! You can learn to improve your photography and we will be happy to teach you everything we know.

If you're interested in learning more about Photography Lessons, Photography Classes, Digital SLR Classes and Photography Workshops in Colorado Springs - Colorado Photography School, then please contact us. We're here to help you achieve your photography ambitions. Pictures create memories and Colorado Springs is a very picturesque place for photographs. I'm happy to help you improve your photography and will share every secret I have spent the last decade learning. If you're new to Digital SLR's or an experienced shooter looking for a new style I'm confident I can help you take better pictures. Take photos you'll love and proudly print big, and hang high.

Best Experience Weddding Photography in Colorado Springs

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If you want great value wedding photography, from the best wedding photographer in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with an experienced wedding photographer, choose Simon Andrews.

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If you're buying a camera and would like impartial advice, I'm happy to help you get the right camera. I don't sell cameras, so call me, Simon, anytime (719) 502-9045. I know lots of great places to find good deals on new, and deeply discounted used/refurb gear. Don't get advice from a salesperson! Keep an eye on the Facebook page the twitter feed on the home page. When I find a deal on the net, I post details using hashtag #photodeal. Not just cameras, but any photo related deals I find.

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