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Covid-19 Corona Virus Update

Due to the Covid-19 corona virus, classes are suspended at the school. The school will close it's current location, with the hope to take classes to online webinar format, and reassess when things have returned to some degree of normalcy.

Thanks for your understanding through this time, and I'll keep you updated via Facebook. Stay safe out there!

Understand your camera.
Take better pictures!

Photography classes in colorado springs

Total Beginners to Aspiring Pros!

All levels welcome!

If you're a total beginner and just want to take better pictures, or an aspiring pro looking to fill gaps in your knowledge, there's a photography class at Colorado Photography School to help you improve.

Learn to develop a strong concept for your photo, how to set up your camera, and edit it to make it look its best.

If you're not sure which class suits your level, give me a call on (719) 502-9045 to discuss how, together, we can realize your photographic ambitions.

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Start with Composition

Composition is everything! How you arrange the visual elements in your scene is a skill you can learn and improve. It's the first part of the picture taking process and is the recommended first class.

Better Composition is not your typical composition class. No blindly following rules. It was born out of the incredible frustration I felt when, in every article I read, I saw the same thing, "don't be afraid to break the rules!" If you can break them, you don't need them. Composition without rules is a powerful method that leaves you free to explore your creativity, even if you don't think you're a creative person.

Wherever you are now, you can move to the next level. I believe the Better Composition photography class, will have a bigger impact on your photography than any other class. It's the foundation for every other class, so please don't skip it.

You can take the Level 1 classes in any order, if it suits your schedule to take the class Understanding Your Camera first, it will work out fine. I would recommend taking the Level 1 classes, before the Level 2 classes. If you're not sure whcih classes to take, please give me a call on (719) 502-9045 to discuss how best to fit the classes with your schedule.

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Learn at Your Own Speed

Level 1 classes combine to make a complete 7 part course, that cover how to develop a concept, capture it, and prepare your image to print or share online.

Each session is 3 hours.

The classes each cover a unique and important aspect of creating a great photo, and combine for a complete understanding.

While it makes sense to me to take the classes as listed above, they can be taken in any order, over weeks, months or even years! I'm always happy to advise you on the right class to take. If you're not sure, give me, Simon, a call on (719) 502-9045 to discuss how the classes at Colorado Photography School can help you to take better pictures.

DSLR and Mirrorless classes in Colorado Springs

Impartial Equipment Advice

We don't sell camera equipment, so my only interest is to make sure you get a camera that's right for you. Are you planning to travel? Want to take portraits and maybe start a studio? Do you see yourself shooting weddings in the future? Do you like to shoot fast action, and sports? Perhaps your initial budget is very limited? Don't make expensive mistakes, or get ripped off! Over the series of classes at Colorado Photography School, I hope to save you more, with good gear advice, than the classes cost.

I usually recommend a camera that will allow you to be in full control. Such as a DSLR, or mirrorless camera. These camera types have full manual control, and allow you to change out the lenses to meet your creative needs, and allow you to grow into your hobby, or new career!

Just as a starting point my popular recommendations include (but are not limited to):

Different cameras are more suited to different jobs, so let's talk about the right camera for you. I'm always happy to advise you so you get the right camera for your needs.

Image editing classes in Colorado Springs

Side Hustle to Full Time Pro!

There's a few ways to make money with your camera.

Photographing people is an almost instant way to turn your hobby into a career. The recommended classes to get there are:

The total cost for all these classes is $540, and I'd recommend taking them over at least three months. You can expect to earn $200-$300 per photo shoot. The camera could cost as low as $300, The additional gear, about $200. So for a little over $1000, you would have the gear and skills to make money every weekend. Book 2 sessions on Saturday, and 2 on Sunday, and your entire investment could be paid off. Add a session after work every evening and, if you love to work hard, you could make between $2000-$3000 extra per week!

Of course, it's called a side hustle for a reason. The common thing between all the students who have gone on to make money after taking these classes, is how hard they work. Photography can be good money, but is rarely easy money. Once you have the photography skills, market yourself in the areas you already move. Maybe you have a newborn on the way. You'll likely be surrounded by new mothers in your normal life. Kids nearing graduation? They all need senior pictures. Are you a member of a large church, or a military spouse? There will be families that need portraits, or will the church will need a wedding photographer, maybe every weekend.

This job is perfect to add a few extra dollars to the family budget, or make it your full time gig. If you move, or are deployed, to another location, your online reviews, photos, experience, and reputation travel with you, making this perfect for travelling and military families.

You can make money as a landscape photographer, but it's hard to do today. You have to be exceptional, build a reputation, and spend your money upfront going to amazing places, and hoping for epic weather and light. If you do this anyway, why not take great pictures while you're there, and make money when you return. Books, art fairs, and selling prints online are all ways to turn your memories into money. The Landscape Photography Workshop (Portrait photographers can also think of this class as "beautiful backgrounds") and HDR Photography Workshop Level 2 classes will help greatly to improve your landscape and cityscape photograpy photos. HDR is the secret sauce in real estate pictures too.

Of course there's lots of other ways to make money with your camera. Real estate photography, photographing products, selling t-shirts, mugs, calendars etc. of your images, travel, journalism, stock images, coffee table books, events, greeting cards, the list goes on. You could even develop a large following on social media, and live off the ad revenue. There are several people I like to watch online that have done just that, and got into the game relatively recently.

I would avoid so called "bridge" cameras. They can be great cameras and do have some manual control and often include powerful telephoto zooms, but you're not able to change the lens, and the aperture range is limited. They're not cheap and, as you're here reading this, I'm going to presume you want to to be the best photographer you can, so I don't recommend a camera type you'll likely outgrow.

It's a sad fact, but due to the excessive amout of camera gear I already own, I'm not allowed to buy any more, so have to buy it vicariously through you! I don't sell gear either so strive to be impartial. So let me help you find the gear you need and avoid expensive mistakes, you're really helping me get my new gear fix. :)

Image editing classes in Colorado Springs
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