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Photography Lessons in Colorado Springs

Learn to photograph better pictures with Colorado Photography School. Composition and DSLR photography classes available. Improve your photographic skills and make more pleasing images.

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Photography Course in Colorado Springs

Are you looking for a Photography Course in Colorado Springs? Colorado Photography School has helped hundreds of people become better photographers. We offer beginning photography courses, intermediate photography workshops and advanced off camera lighting workshops. If you want to improve your snapshots to higher quality pictures, first improve your compositions in the Composition Workshop. Then understand your DSLR to use shutter speed and aperture to capture your creative vision. Classes are available to all levels from beginner to advanced, and any camera type from point and shoot to Digital SLR. I aim to develop your technical skills, improve the quality of your shots and develop your eye, without changing your creative style to mine! You can learn to improve your photography and we will be happy to teach you everything we know.

If you're interested in learning more about Photography Lessons, Photography Classes, Digital SLR Classes and Photography Workshops in Colorado Springs - Colorado Photography School, then please contact us. We're here to help you achieve your photography ambitions. Pictures create memories and Colorado Springs is a very picturesque place for photographs. I'm happy to help you improve your photography and will share every secret I have spent the last decade learning. If you're new to Digital SLR's or an experienced shooter looking for a new style I'm confident I can help you take better pictures. Take photos you'll love and proudly print big, and hang high.

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Photography Lessons, DSLR classes, Photography Workshops
Photography Classes in Colorado Springs!

Adobe Lightroom Class in Colorado Springs

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Adobe Lightroom is great image editing software. Organize your pictures, enhance, edit and prepare your digital photos for print or web in just a few clicks. Adobe Lightroom will save your hours when post processing images.

Photography Lessons

Photography classes for beginners with a DSLR classes, and a photography course for Digital SLR users, available at Colorado Photography School, in Colorado Springs. Choose from the many photography workshops, or take a photography lesson. Learn how to use your camera, and understand how to compose a photograph. The manual controls can be confusing but by the end of this course you'll have a complete understanding of how shutter speed relates to aperture, and when you should change your ISO. Study in a small group and discover just how good a photograoher you can be!

Beginner DSLR class

New Digital SLR? Not sure how to get the most from your investment? If you've just received your first DSLR or you've had one a while, and you're ready to get a handle on how to use it to create beautiful photos. DSLR give us full control over our photography, it's time you took control of your camera!

Wedding Photography Workshop

Thinking about a career as a wedding photogrpaher? Let experienced wedding photographer Simon Andrews help with the Wedding Photography workshop. Spend the day learning how to take your first steps into a lucrative career.

Photography Workshops

There's a variety of workshop's to choose from, from composition, to off camera flash. Landscape Photography is a popular workshop, as is the people photogrpahy workshop. In a few short hours you could be a better photographer!

Photography Business Digital Marketing Class

Photography is a growing market, so rise above the herd wth a solid online presence. Learn how to register a domain name, set up hosting space and a wordpresss website you can easily update yourself. Build an internet profile and market yourself online, and start making money with your camera.

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Understanding Lightroom CC?

Adobe has changed Lightroom again. If you're struggling to keep up, I understand. Let me try to explain the confused entity that is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC !

Need a camera?

Here's some Advice! I thought I'd wade in on the ongoing debate on which camera brand is better. Spoiler alert, neither is better really, kind of. So make an informed decision on Nikon versus Canon debate!

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Hands on Learning in Small Classes for all Abilities

Small classes in a supportive environment.

The same classes are offered each month so you can schedule classes around your life.

The Foundation Series is suitable for anyone starting out at the beginning, or anyone looking to fill in gaps in their knowledge.

The 3 classes will provide you with a complete skill set to build your photographyskill on. Develop a strong concept (Composition Workshop), capture that vision (Understanding Your DSLR), and edit your image (Adobe Lightroom).

Book your class now! The current schedule is on the lesson_calendar.php.

Book Online

The current schedule is available on the lesson calendar and the class information pages.

Once you have chosen the class you want to take, click the "Add to cart" link on the lesson page, and checkout.

How to Book Your Photography Lesson

  • First visit the "Classes" page linked at the top of the page and choose a lesson, The Composition Workshop is the recommended first class.
  • Next choose a date, all classes are available on the Lesson Calendar.
  • Click the date, then the "Add To Cart" link in the window that pops up. You're taken to the cart to checkout.

If you need any help or advice on which class is right for you, please call me, Simon, on (719) 502 9045 or email via the contact page.

Take Control of Your Photography!

Discover just how good a photographer you can be. Browse the lessons and see what's right for you.

The Composition Class will provide a solid foundation for your photography. If you are a new DSLR owner or still unsure of the technical aspects of your camera, the course "Understand Your DSLR" is a great place to start. Then the post processing work begins. I can help you save time organizing & editing your images. 1-2-1 private lessons available. Questions, please call me on (719) 502-9045. I'd be happy to chat photography with you anytime!


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Digital Photography Courses and Lessons with the Colorado Photography School

Colorado Photography Schools

You first choice in Colorado Photography Schools has to be ColoradoPhotography School! We are a dedicated learning center to your photography. Our goal is to help you take better pictures. If you just like to take lots of photos or you're thinking of taking your hobby to the next level. You can learn from professional photographers in the studio and on location.

Digital Photography Course

A series of weekly lessons where you can study the photography subjects in small groups. Each week you'll learn more about how to take better pictures. Practice weekly assignments and get better value from the investment in your camera.

Photography Classes

"How can I become a photographer?" Simple, just pick up a camera and shoot! Maybe the question to ask is "how can I be a better photographer?", or "how can I become a professional photographer", or simply "how can I make money with my camera!". Whether you shoot Nikon, Canon or Pentax, SLR, DSLR or point and shoot, film or digital, you can improve as a photographer, and we can help. This site is brand new, but we've been professional photographers for many years and teachers even longer. Stay tuned for more developments! To contact Simon please use info (at) admire photography (dot) com

Photography Workshops

Workshops on the plains and in the mountains, along the Pikes Peak Highway and the surrounding lakes and forests. There's so much to beauty photograph in Colorado, learn how to capture it without guess work or good luck, just your skills as a photographer. Colorado is a beautiful state that just begs to be photographed. The mechanics of shutter speed, f/numbers and ISO can be very confusing, but study with us and you'll find out, it's not that bad. Composition has rules, like the rule of thirds, so learn them first. Then learn how to break the rules for creative effect. Thinking creatively and using the manual settings to make the camera take the picture that's in your minds eye. No more snapshots and capturing the occasional great shot. Join us in the studio or on location at a workshop, and by the end of the day you will be a better photographer!

Photography Lessons

Learn at our Colorado Springs Studio or on location all along the Front Range through Denver to Fort Collins. At our seminars, intense workshops and relaxed classes, we can train you to unleash the great photographer inside you. Learn at your own pace or crash course that knowledge into your head using our exclusive and unique interactive online learning tools. Private lessons are also available for one on one instruction. Small groups are encouraged as you can support each other and learn the art of critique, A vital step if you want to become a better photographer.

DSLR Class

A DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera is a powerful machine to capture exactly your photographic vision. Point and shoot camera and fixed len prosumer camera are quite capable of capturing great pictures. A DSLR gives us total control over how the camera works. The larger sensor allows less intereference as the electronics capture the image, so the image quality (IQ) is better. Also the range of accessories and lenses allows the photographer to choose the way the light enters the camera. Don't be fooled though. A DSLR WILL NOT take better photos. Many DSLR owners suffer dissapointment that their new fancy camera does not relate to an improvemnt in their photography. If you buy a fancy paint brush, you wont suddenly paint more artistically either! Learn how to control the light entering your camera, make decisions based on your creative vision then release the shutter to capture the photo that matches the image in your mind.

Off Camera Flash Workshop

Go to the next level with advanced off camera flash techniques. Budget methods through professional grade transmitters and receivers (and transceivers). Then build on your education with model sessions and wedding photography training with out experienced professional photographers.

Digital Photography Class

Point and shoot cameras are very capable and allow you to capture images without the distractions of a complicated camera. Mastering composition and post processing on a basic camera will provide a solid foundation for your progression throuout your photographic journey. Taking the first step toward taking better pictures doesn't require anything more than the most simple camera!

Post Processing

Unleash the poser of the Digital Darkroom. Follow Ansel Adams into the world of processing your images yourself. He believed taking the picture was only a small part of producing the final image. Without a good working knowledge of your image editing software, you can never hope to present your work to meet it's full potential.

Lightroom is a very powerful way to organize and edit your images and has been my go-to software for the last couple of years.

If you have any questions about how to get full value from Adobe Lightroom, call me, Simon, on 719-502-9045 or email via the contact page. Good Luck!

Free trial of software is available for use during the class from the Adobe website.